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We are the Advanced Funding Network - AFN. We're a group of Real Estate Seminar attendee entrepreneurs who started out just like you, hoping to make our fortunes flipping houses.  We attended a variety of real estate workshops and live seminar events to learn how to do it.


Ultimately, we all succeeded, but it wasn't easy. We soon realized that many of the companies that offered to teach us how to flip houses, either provided no funding to get us started - or they outsourced funding to a third party who had no invested interest in our success. That delayed seeing profits roll in.


We want to help you avoid issues with lack of funding. That's why a group of us pooled our money sources together to provide a cash resource for our real estate seminar students and house flippers - Just Like YOU.


THis GTLN Seminar is Free!

  AFN can fund your next real estate flip (once all paperwork is completed) – in as little as 72 hours!


  AFN can get you the “PROOF OF FUNDS” letter you must submit with your offers to buy real estate.


  AFN provides funds in all 50 states. We can work with you wherever you live.


  AFN is the ideal funding solution whether you’re a seasoned house flipper or new to the business.


  AFN has an enormous amount of money available to fund your house flips.


  BEST OF ALL, when you become an AFN student you can put your money into other student’s deals and earn yields of up to 15% and more . . . with no work!



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Or Call us at 888.961.9610

Admission Includes A free Meal for you and your guest, Two Resource Discs! Plus an android Smart Watch FREE to Attendees!

Over the past year we have loaned out 25 million dollars in real estate funding to eager real estate flippers and investors. Now we’re inviting you to get your share of the bounty.

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888-961-9610 Monday - Friday

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Q. Is it really Free?

A. Yes! There is no cost or obligations to attend the 2 hour live event.


Q. Will I have to buy anything?

A. No. You are not required to purchase anything. Of course, we do offer additional products and services at our workshops. But you are NEVER under any obligation to buy.


Q. I want to register my guest

Your registration is automatically good for two people.


Q. Can I bring a third person/additional guests?

A. Your registration is good for just two people. If you would like anyone else to join you, we ask that they register separately.


Q. I want to reschedule my event

A. No problem. Please email us at or give us a call at 888.961.9610 and we’re happy to help.


Q. I want to cancel my event

A. Sorry to hear! Please feel free to email us at  or give us a call at 888.961.9610 and we’ll be happy to cancel your registration. You may also want to learn about our full schedule to see if another time works better for you.


Q. Is parking free?

A. Each venue has its own parking arrangements, and we recommend contacting the venue directly for more information.


Q. Will there be food or drinks served?

A. We serve a lunch or dinner depending on which time you attend the event. The meal is free of charge for you and your guest.


Q. What is the dress code?

A. You may wear whatever you are comfortable in.


Q. Do I need physical tickets?

A. Nope! We have your name on a registration list, and no physical tickets are required.


Q. Where else are you going to be in my area? Elsewhere around the country?

A. To go over the upcoming schedule, please email us at, or give us a call at 888.961.9610.


Q. I missed my event - how long until you return?

A. We will generally return within the year, but we might still be in your area! Please email us at or give us a call at 888.961.9610 and we would be happy to go over our upcoming schedule and other options available to you.

Disclaimer ©2016 Advanced Funding Network All rights reserved. We provide real estate funding education, services and training. We do not sell business opportunities. We make no earnings or return on investment claims. As with most education systems, it is difficult to track and ascertain those who implement the training provided. Additionally, we do not offer tax, accounting, financial, or legal advice. Prior to undertaking any business transaction, you may consult your own accounting, legal, and tax advisers to evaluate the risks, consequences and suitability of that transaction.